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With Thanksgiving passed and Christmas-time looming ever closer, the small business holiday has been in full swing for nearly a month now. If you haven’t already, preparing your company for the holidays can not only be helpful and efficient – it can bring in new clients and interest if you theme yourself appropriately. Selling art? Create some holiday-themed pieces. Offering business services? Make sure to edit your proposals to include some type of holiday customization for your client. The word-of-mouth will go a long way, and your clients will appreciate your attention to detail.
Whether you or your clients celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan – or even nothing at all – you’ll find it’s not hard to get your business “in the spirit”. If you know your clients and customers well, personalizing your correspondence with them or sending them holiday cards denoting their particular celebration will be seen as a very thoughtful gesture.

Outside of directly interacting with your client base, you can also prepare your website and social media accounts. Giving them a festive look and a holiday greeting can add a personal touch, and give your web presence a changing, evolving feel as opposed to a constantly static one. Adjust your marketing to reflect the holidays, and if you have anything applicable, run holiday-themed discounts or events.

Photo: Baker County Tourism

Photo: Baker County Tourism

While you’re taking care of that, don’t forget your staff! Make sure they know they’re appreciated during this time of year, and if they’re new, let them know what to expect during the winter months. Does your business speed up? Does it slow down? These bits of advice will help them mentally – and occasionally physically – prepare for what’s sure to be a busy month ahead. If you’re able, schedle an afternoon for your own company celebration. Not only will it be a relaxing end to a busy time, but you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company outside of the normal confines of a holiday schedule.
One of the most overlooked – but very important – parts of preparing your small business holiday is yourself. Make sure you’re making time in your schedule to spend time with family and/or friends and that you’re not overworking yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the holidays, but your company won’t benefit from an overworked and under-rested owner – take care of yourself!

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Overall, the most important thing you can do around the holidays is to keep your company friendly and considerate. Many, many people become immensely busy during the holiday season – between working themselves, dealing with family, or handling any added stresses they have associated with this time of the year. A kind word or a generous gesture will go a long way towards making those people remember not only your pleasant personality, but your kindness. Most customers go out of their way to recommend businesses that give their customers a little extra something – far more so than negative experiences. It can never hurt to pay it forward!


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