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One Week Plan – Episode 21: Take Time To Clear Your Mind

In this week’s episode Greg talks about the importance of taking time outside of work to clear your mind. Whether it be through exercise, reading or spending time with family and friends, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance. Added stress will ultimately distract you from the work that needs to be done in and on your business.

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One Week Plan – Episode 19: Social Media Is Not Just Another Marketing Vertical

In this episode we talk about the fact that social media is not just a marketing vertical. Instead of only measuring ROI, it’s important to understand that social media should be used to build a relationship with your customers. It can be used as a means to build trust, target a specific audience, inform your current and potential customers what is new with your business and use your customers as free advertising.

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11 Success Tips From Small Business Leaders

Hear what other small business owners and leaders advise about startups, marketing and social media for small businesses. Small Business Trends roving reporter, Deborah Shane, gets success tips from 11 leaders at ICON14, the Infusionsoft customer conference attracting 3,000 attendees annually.

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The Science of Productivity

In today’s crazy world, productivity is on the minds of many. So what can science tell us about the human brain and productive work? How do we become more efficient at working, and spend less time working overall? These questions are answered in this short video.

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LinkedIn Marketing for Business

Ron Kunitzky co-founded the North American operation of Black Marketing with Chris J Reed, as they saw a great opportunity to support business leaders and entrepreneurs who are underutilizing the power of LinkedIn to grow and take their brand and business to the next level.

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