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When DDoS Attacks!

Photo: noticlas segurldad   Hackers and Internet trolls are unpredictable lot. More often than not, their only goal is to sew chaos by disrupting normal business operations. To achieve this, they use a method known as a distributed denial-of-service attack, or DDoS....

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Automating Your Small Business

Photo: Steven Depolo   Speaking generally, a small business is just that - small. You may have a decent number of employees, or you may run the company yourself, but one thing that will benefit you in either situation is automating your processes. Automation initially...

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Decking Your Small Business Halls

Photo: Michele   With Thanksgiving passed and Christmas-time looming ever closer, the small business holiday has been in full swing for nearly a month now. If you haven't already, preparing your company for the holidays can not only be helpful and efficient - it can...

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Your Tech-Savvy Payment Methods

Photo: Mike Licht   Every day, new technologies are introduced and invented - most of them beneficial in some way. Fortunately for most business owners, a lot of the technology we see being worked on currently is extremely work-oriented; productivity apps, calendars,...

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Small Business Saturday

Photo: Mike Licht   In November of 2010, American Express promoted a day they dubbed "Small Business Saturday" - a particular day of the year for customers to bring their business to local brick and mortar stores that are locally owned. The day ended up being a smash...

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Planning Your Company’s Succession

Photo: Beppe   Unpleasant topics can be hard to deal with. Human nature has us procrastinating on unpleasant things constantly, but when they turn to matters of retirement, life, and mortality, it can become even worse. Sadly, this is the best example of how putting...

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The Rise of Small-Business Crowdfunding

Photo: Beppe   Crowdfunding can be a daunting task - where do you start? What site should you use? Who should your target audience be? How do you achieve your goals without over-promising on what you can deliver? Fortunately, with a well-thought out plan, none of...

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Thinking About Outsourcing?

Photo: Avnee Cooper   In our newsletter this week, I talked a little about the pros and cons of outsourcing. It’s definitely a decision that needs to be slowly and carefully made, but once you do make it, you have tons of resources at your disposal to help you make...

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