There are a lot of different ways to get your name out there. But some of you are digging your heels in and resisting investing in the best method to do just that: your very own business website. Sure, print ads and networking work and even social media will give you an edge, but your own website blows all these out of the water.

To prove it to you, we’re going to compare how a website stacks up against another time-honored marketing tool: your business card. This week, we here at One Website Please are sharing 5 simple reasons why your site is more important than your business card.

An even playing field. If you’re a tiny company in a field of giants, your business card isn’t going to get you far. What you could manage to print would not be able to compare to the armies of business cards a business giant can produce in a snap of his or her fingers. Why? Because your budget doesn’t stack up against a business giant. In comes the internet and websites. Suddenly, the playing field is a little more fair. Everyone from a freelancer to a large corporation can get a foothold into the market with a website because quantity no longer matters here. Quality does, and you can get a quality website for not very much at all.

A wider net. Imagine you have one hundred business cards. Then you go to a networking meeting and hand out every single one of them. Would that thrill you? It should! That’s a hundred potential customers you’ve connected with. Hats off to you! But what if I told you the fate of a third of those cards was the cruel embrace of a washing machine? Or if another fifteen landed on a dusty shelf next to a desk, never to be touched again? What if I told you ten people immediately tossed your card into the trash? Suddenly, your great attempt at outreach turned into money down the drain. Business cards don’t grow on trees. Websites don’t have that problem. They won’t get ignored or tossed out. Even if someone is just nodding along with your enthusiastic business spiel, your website will still be there when they wander away. Additionally, websites allows people to find out information about your company regardless of geographic location. Furthermore, it’s very easy to link up websites with things like newsletters and social media feeds so you and your business are always on the forefront of people’s minds. And these things, unlike business cards, rarely incur a printing fee.

More space to tell your story. A business card is small for all you want to convey on it. You can manage your name, your title, your contact information, and maybe even a logo and a company motto, if you’re lucky. But as creative as you get with your card, it won’t tell your customers about you or why they should choose you over the other guy. You can try and get all that across in conversation or through advertisement, but you’re still stuck trying to tell the story of you in fewer and fewer characters. This is not something you have to worry about with a website. With your own space to speak, you can tell the customer however much–or little–you want. You can even employ show over tell. This means, instead of telling people you make videos, you can show them ten of your best on your very own website. Create content that sends a specific message about your products and will make people remember you. It’s much more effective than a business card.

Increased control. Say you work in business cards anyway. It’s worked for you the last ten years and it will for another ten–fine. But what if something changes? What if you move down the street and change your phone number. What then? Do you remember every single prospect you gave a card to, ever? Chances are, that’s a no and there’s nothing you can do about the scores of inaccurate cards burning a hole in someone’s desk or wallet. With a website, you can rapidly change that information so that everyone–including your potential customers–are fully up to speed. But control isn’t always about snatching things up and shouting, “mine!” It’s also about protection. With a website, you control what goes out about your business. Therefore, you protect it. You control the dialogue around it, the official statements that go out into the world. You don’t let Yelp speak for you.

Direct line to selling your product. The whole point of business cards is to get your name out there, make relationships, and get your foot in the door when it comes to making a new sale. A new customer is your new best friend. And yet, when you leave a card with someone, no matter what was said between you two, it’s now up to them make the next mood. Do they visit your store? Do they call you? Do they place in an order? Maybe! But when do they do it? Today? Tomorrow? Next year? What if their desire to open up their wallets to you goes away with every passing second? There’s little your cards can do about that! But websites can help. If you have an online shopping section or even a menu, a site can allow you the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot by helping you form a direct line from merely talking about transactions to committing to those transactions.

Your business is valuable and your name is valuable. Update to the modern century and get a business website.

If you’d like to check out more reasons why websites are a great investment, check out our sources here:

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